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She showed her heart, he showed his cruelty.


As the founder of the Melanin Movement, a popular social networking site, Yiannis Graham is at the top of his game. The renowned bachelor is much too busy building his empire to commit to one relationship. However, when Yiannis spots Corrine Michaels while celebrating his thirty-fifth birthday, he can't explain why he’s so enamored by her. The attraction is so intense, he’s shaken to the core, and he vows that she would be his.


After spending many years reinventing herself, Corrine Michaels is at the height of her career. She’s focus driven, successful, and beautiful. Long gone was the shy girl from The Bronx with the crooked smile. Now a nationally sought after fashion designer, she’s the object of several men’s affections.


When Corrine is reunited with Yiannis, she’s taken back to a time when the last thing anybody called her was beautiful. She’d always adored Yani, but he hadn’t reciprocated those feelings. His rejection of her was harsh and unkind, leaving permanent scars.


Corrine is unimpressed by Yani’s sudden interest in her until she realizes he doesn’t know who she is. She vows it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine.

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"When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."

-William Shakespeare 

No Ordinary Love.jpg

Molina King is young, successful, beautiful, and single. Love is not on her mind when she meets successful pediatric surgeon, Dr. Gavin Navarro, but it’s love at first sight. The two hit it off quickly and begin a whirlwind romance, and everyone around them thinks they’re crazy.

Dr. Gavin Navarro meets Molina at the perfect time. She’s everything he never knew he wanted, and he’s ready for love just as she arrives. Their relationship is perfect until his ex-fiancée shows up, and all those old feelings come rushing back. She drops a bombshell, causing him to question everything. With the urging of his parents, he’s forced to make a decision that changes everyone involved.

Having tasted a love so strong, both Gavin and Molina struggle to move on. Their mutual friendships force them to be near each other, fighting the love that they once shared but couldn’t hold on to.

Can a love like theirs ever truly be over?

You found parts of me I didn’t know existed and in you I found a love I no longer believed was real. -Unknown


Shayna King is struggling to be happy again after tragically losing her fiancé to murder, and her parents to a drunk driver. The middle King sister is now quiet and conservative, hiding the person she once was.

Handsome photographer Greg Navarro looks like he should be on the opposite end of the camera. His business is flourishing and life is good when he’s introduced to the simple and beautiful Shayna King.

Greg goes after what he wants and he finds himself wanting Shayna. Shayna is thrown off balance as an unspoken romance begins between the two of them. The guilt of Shayna’s secrets and the scars from her loss causes her to continue pushing him away.

When Greg is offered a job in another state, he looks to Shayna to give him a reason to stay. Her rejection causes Greg to pack up his things and move, leaving Shayna even more heartbroken and confused.


Will Shayna allow herself to love again before it’s too late?

Find out in Book two of the King Sisters series Greg & Shayna’s Love Story.

Are you that Somebody.jpg

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. -Unknown

Before I Let Go.jpg

In the finale of The King Sisters Series, we find our beloved couple Carmen and Troy Black still madly in love after twelve years of marriage. Having defied the odds of staying together after losing their firstborn, they’ve recommitted themselves to each other creating their very own perfect love story.


When photographer Troy Black is called to work on a project with news anchor Zya Chase, he jumps at the opportunity. Troy is no stranger to beautiful women throwing themselves at him, but his love for Carmen is steadfast. After two weeks alone with Zya in DC, Troy finds himself way too aware of her beauty, and she challenges him on his feelings for her. They are compatible in a way he hasn’t been with another woman, not even Carmen.


The eldest King sister, Carmen King-Black, is free spirited, loyal, and she loves her family. She’s created a life that her sisters admire, and the love between her and her husband is a storybook love affair. Troy’s sudden distance has Carmen wondering why, but when Troy and Zya are linked together in the media, Carmen is left questioning the future of her marriage.


Did things go too far?

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