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Meet the Character's  

                    The Closer I Get To You 

She showed her heart... He showed his cruelty..

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Corrine  Michaels 

I am Corrine Michaels, Fashion Designer to the stars by way of the Bronx. I have reinvented myself from the young girl who was once overlooked and under appreciated. I was very comfortable with my new life until I ran into Yani Graham. The boy who stole my heart, then shattered it. He makes me feel like that young girl again until I realized he has no idea who I am. I make a decision to give Yani a taste of his own medicine. Check out our story Coming Soon!

Yiannis  "Yani" Graham

How's it going peeps. I'm Yiannis Graham, mostly known by Yani. I'm the founder of Melanin Movement, a social networking site for people of color. I'm Bronx born and raised even though I'm currently living in DC. I'm currently involved with a very special lady so when I run into Corrine while out celebrating my birthday, I'm shook at how taken I am by her. I can sense she's hiding something from me, but I'm too taken by her to let it go. Check out our story Coming Soon! 

The King Sisters Series
Gavin & Molina's  Love Story
Book one

Not every love story is ordinary...

Molina King

I'm Molina King, one third of the King Sisters the youngest and yes the sassiest of the bunch! At twenty-nine, I'm the CEO of King Realty where we bring nothing but royal properties to our clients. I did not have love on the brain until I bumped into the tall, ebony smoothed skin, Dr. Gavin Navarro, and I promise it was love at first sight! If you want to find out more about me and the good Doc, check us out in "No Ordinary Love" It's our love Story!

Dr. Gavin Navarro

 I'm Dr. Gavin Navarro, I'm a thirty-two year old Pediatric Surgeon with a passion for saving lives. When my job allowed for me to move back to San Diego I was thrilled. I was born and raised in the city of beautiful women and as fate would have it I'm introduced to the beautifulest one of them all, Molina King. She ruins it for everyone else. I never believed in love at first sight until I met her, and I almost let this women get away! If you want to read more about how I found love in one night check us out in "No Ordinary Love" It's our love story!

Greg & Shayna's   Love Story
Book 2

True love will find  it's way...

Shayna  King

Shayna King.jpg

I'm Shayna King, the middle King sister. I'm the most conservative of the bunch, but it wasn't always that way. After losing my parents and my fiance', I found myself closed off from the world. When I met photographer Greg Navarro he made me want to love, and be loved again, but forgotten how to do both. Thankfully,  the love of my sisters, and the possibilities of a life with Greg helps to pull me from a sunken place.  Will it be too late to discover if Greg truly is that somebody? Find out in "Are You That Somebody" It's our Love story!

Greg Navarro

Greg Navarro.jpg

I'm photographer, Greg Navarro, brother to Dr. Gavin Navarro. I'm co-owner of Navarro & Black Photography Studios. I have a gift that allows me to find beauty in things that appear to be broken, and that's what I found in Shayna King. She's my business partners sister in law, and we've been going back in fourth in this unspoken romance for over a year. Now I'm ready to make things known to not only Shayna, but the world. She's been hurt, but I'm ready to help her heal. Find out if my love is enough in "Are You That Somebody" It's our love story"

Carmen & Troy  Story
Book 3

Who wants that perfect love story anyway?

Carmen  King- Black

Carmen King.jpg

I'm the eldest King sister and now the matriarch of the family. Even after suffering a tremendous amount of loss, I'm grateful for my King, Troy Black. We've been married twelve years and honestly it's been a storybook love affair, until recently. Our once unbreakable bound appears to have hit a snag, but I can't figure ourt why. Find out what's been pulling us apart in "Before I Let Go" It's our story!

Troy Black

Troy Black.jpg

Have you ever met someone whose presence made you want to be great? I'm Troy Black and that's what being with my wife, Carmen, feels like. We've been married for twelve blissful years and never have I ever desired to be with another woman. That was until I met Zya Chase, and she made me feel things for her that I haven't felt with another woman, not even Carmen. Find out if our perfect love story can survive these feelings in "Before I Let Go: Carmen & Troy" It's our story!

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