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Humble & Hungry

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Why my SIX reviews made me feel like I had 600!

I just received my sixth review on my latest novel!! Continue reading to find out why these six reviews literally brought tears to my eyes!

During the writing process of book two, I was very hard on myself. I felt like I took this leap of faith into the author world without being fully prepared. I’m writing this book that I just know in my heart people are going to hate. So what did I do? I changed the narrative, I changed the

dialogue and I turned into someone I wasn’t. It showed! I wasn’t being true to my character nor was I being true to G. Fife the Authoress. Over 25k into the story, I’m reading it back to myself. I’m cringing at the extra use of profanity, the over sexualized scenes and the lack of love that I swore to

continue to bring with each novel. I knew that this wasn't me as an author and deleted the entire book!

Crazy right? All of that work gone! Honestly, It was like releasing air from my lungs! I started writing in my truth and in Shayna’s truth and it poured out. I knew while writing it wasn’t going to be a a top seller or pleasing to most readers but it would be authentic and I was OK with that. Shayna’s story had to be told her way in order to wrap the story up the way that it

will in part three. Let me tell you, I was nervous on release day! I was holding my breath for

the 'this is terrible' 'this is too slow' reviews and comments that I was sure was coming. Instead I’ve received six, five star reviews! SIX when I didn’t expect to get ONE! Yes ugly cry! LOL. I learned that people will love or at least respect you, as long as you’re true to your authenticity! I’m humbled by those six reviews and I’m definitely hungry to be someone’s favorite author. If I never make “Best seller” I’m OK with that but I'm shooting to be someone’s favorite, even if that someone is me!

Much love

G. Fife


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